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Dr. Cartwright has written guides and courses to help nurses become successful legal nurse consultants. You will get free electronic copies of her LNC Three Pack, which includes:

Surefire Ways for Selling LNC Services book coverSurefire Ways for Selling Legal Nurse Consulting Services is more than a collection of tips and techniques. It is a process that helps you accomplish greater results in less time than you ever thought possible. When you apply a systematic approach to your business strategies, you can achieve extraordinary results as a legal nurse consultant! This systematic approach has been tested and proven effective for over a decade and is founded on basic principles of observing human behavior that you can use to successfully convert contacts into clients... clients of your legal nurse consulting services.




Ultimate Pocket Guide for LNC book coverNever before has one pocket guide contained so much information for you to achieve those initial steps necessary to be on the track to success. The Ultimate Pocket Guide for Legal Nurse Consultants will help you build the structure for successful momentum. You will be able to better initiate those very important phone calls to attorneys and communicate effectively with the legal team in what initially appears to be an unfamiliar environment. The resources in this book include FREE internet websites so you can quickly conduct research using authoritative sources to support your cases. You will finally gain control of your time by working more efficiently and with confidence so you can receive the success you deserve and make a NursingImpact in legal nurse consulting!




Sample Reports for LNC book cover

Sample Reports for Legal Nurse Consultants provides many samples of report writing in a wide variety of styles.  You will find a style that is the perfect fit for your case.  This book will help you build the structure for successful momentum.  You will be able to confidently discuss the benefits of the skills you offer to your clients because you have seen for yourself many case reports that will meet the need of clients.  No two clients are alike.  You MUST be able to match your client's request with a quality product if you expect to gain repeat business.  The case reports you will read in this book offer samples for contract letters, summary of events, chronologies for periods of time, deposition preparation regarding standards of care and affidavits.

Once the summit ends, you can schedule a one-hour consultation with Dr. Cartwright to discuss your  career options.

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